Breakfast: Biochemical prospectives

  • Nivedita Nanda Department of Biochemistry, JIPMER, Puducherry, India.


Sir, The editorial published in Volume 1, 2016, of IJCEP entitled, “A good breakfast is good for health” was a well‑timed and much‑needed article highly appropriate to the scope of the journal. It reminded me of a popular saying “A stitch in time saves nine.” Metabolic syndrome can be considered as the juncture of diabetes mellitus, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity. The only solution to delay or prevent its onset is to interrupt each of these diseases at the time of their inception time. Although many newspaper articles are released advocating similar opinion, what makes this article unique is it scientifically appeal. Sufficient explanation has been provided with physiological and biochemical evidence to elucidate the importance of quantity as well as the quality of breakfast. Read more....

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