How to Prevent the Resurgence of H1N1 Influenza in India

  • G K Pal Editor‑in‑Chief, Dean, JIPMER, Karaikal, Puducherry, India.
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Although the epidemic of an influenza is supposed to prevail for a year or two,[1] the prevalence and recurrence history of H1N1 influenza for last many years causing extensive morbidity and high mortality every time, has changed the concept of influenza pandemic. The resurgence of H1N1 influenza every year in India has become a regular phenomenon than exception, even after the pandemic is over. Since early part of this year, H1N1 influenza has caused severe health hazards in India, which has created panic across the country and has become a major concern for the health professionals and researchers. The first case of H1N1 was reported in May 2009, and by the end of 2010, 20,604 cases were reported that included 1763 deaths.[2] Then, the country experienced epidemic of H1N1 influenza every year at regular intervals causing high morbidity and mortality. Therefore, there is an urgent need to focus on understanding the plausible reasons of resurgence of pandemic H1N1 in India and the methods to prevent it.

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