Yoga practice for the prevention of risk factors of cardiovascular disease

  • Velkumary Subramaniam Department of Physiology, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry ‑ 605 006, India.
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An article published in Vol. 2 of IJCEP on the “effect of yoga training on blood pressure (BP) response during Surya namaskar (SN) following 11 months of yoga practice in army men and yoga‑trained individuals” was found to be interesting, as the researchers has measured the BP response during the performance of SN in this study. Though many studies have reported the beneficial effect of short‑term and long‑term SN and yoga practice on cardiovascular parameters, in majority of this studies, the investigators have recorded the parameters before and after yoga intervention and not during the actual performance.[1] It is the first study which has recorded sympathetic reactivity in long‑term (11 months) practice of yoga in the army personnel and also compared it with the yoga‑ and semi‑proficient individuals. They have observed that there was a significant reduction of BP response in army trainee compared to yoga practitioners. Read more...

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